Resistance – After announcing the end of PIW PAW PARKINGOWA, the bar announced the opening of the capsule museum….

This morning the famous beer bar, PIW PAW PARKINGOWA, announced the end “Koniec” on social networks and published later the opening of the capsule museum… This is an act of resistance from the bar, as the government allowed the opening of Museums from today. During the last weeks the bar has made headlines opening without any distancing measures and masks. Several videos showed the bar full of people.

The below article was published last week:

The world of gastronomy is struggling due to the pandemic measures and should be allowed to re-open with sanitary rules. Since the beginning of the year some restaurants and bars are re-opening despite the ban and are facing fines and legal risks. The world of gastronomy is now fighting for survival, we can fully understand the decision taken by the owners, on condition that pandemic-related sanitary measures are respected.

But as we can see in several videos on social networks some of them are opening without any rules, with no social distancing and no masks. This type of action is potentially risky as it can cause clusters and by domino effect affects the most vulnerable persons that could have serious consequences.

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