From February 12th, hotels, cinemas, theaters, philharmonics, operas, swimming pools… will be allowed to open.

Monday, February 1st, Shopping Malls, art galleries and museums have been authorized to re-opened, today the government announced further easing on pandemic-related bans. From next Friday, February 12th, hotels will be allowed to operate under strict sanitary regime with up to 50 percent of capacity. Cinemas, theaters, philharmonics and operas will also be allowed with 50 percent of capacity. For sport: pitches, courts, amateur sports, ski slopes and swimming pools will also be allowed to open.

The condition to continue lifting the restrictions is to maintain the sanitary regime, to take care of maintaining distances, wear masks and frequently washing hands.” Mateusz Morawiecki – Prime Minister

In case of COVID-19 cases increase, the government could bring back restrictions.

For fitness clubs and gastronomy, no decision for the moment.

All other bans remain the same.

  • 10-day quarantine for people coming to Poland with organized transport
  • Forbidden for people under 16 to walk in public places without the care of a parent or legal guardian from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Restrictions on collective transport (50% of the number of seats, or 30% of all seats and standing places)
  • Restrictions in religious places – max. 1 person / 15m2
  • Participation in meetings – max. 5 people
  • Ban on weddings, communions and parties.
  • Closed gyms, fitness clubs
  • Restriction in shops – max. 1 person / 15m2
  • Closed restaurants (Only take away or delivery).
  • Nurseries and kindergartens remain unchanged
  • Hairdressing and beauty salons operate in a sanitary regime

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