Oxford Tower – A total renovation and the construction of a 240 m skyscraper next to it!

This is the new application the owner of the Oxford Tower made. the will of the owner will be to totally renovate and partially rebuild the Oxford Tower (138 m) (the first skyscraper of the City, previously Intraco II) and build a brand new 240 meters skyscrapers next to it.

This is not the first time the owner makes this kind of application, the last one, the renovation of the Oxford Tower and the extension of it (160 m) and the construction of a 220 m skyscrapers was abandoned.

In the new project the Oxford Tower I (140 meters on the new version) will be totally renovated and will stand on a 30 meters podium, next to it a brand-new skyscraper of 240 meters, called Oxford Tower II (the second-tallest skyscraper of the City, after the Varso Tower). Additionally, a giant underground parking of 2500 places would be added.


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