Ogrody Ulricha (Wola) – A new place of relaxation and interaction is opened

Press material

Yesterday, October 13th, in the historic Ogrody Ulricha (Ulrich’s Garden) (Wola Park) (former Ulrich’s family farm), opened a new place. Created by WXCA studio, the project includes two historic greenhouses where tropical plants used to grow in the 19th century. A food court offers a large brand of concepts with fruits and vegetables including Pasibus (street food), Ragazzi (Neapolitan style pizza), Tap Bar and Botanic BarSilk & Spicy (Asian food), Pika Pika Ramen & Sushi and Yafo (Israeli cuisine), and the second one a recreational and cultural space for the youngest run by Fikołki.

Official website


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