“Solidarność Airport” CPK – Central Communication Port – The project has been selected!

Visual: Foster + Partners project

The CPK’s project has been selected, it will be (if the appeals for the other projects are rejected) the Foster + Partners one. The company will receive a total of PLN 856 million for this work, and the main construction will start in mid-2023.

Expected by 2030 (2028), the CPK will be Poland’s main station [HUB] with the new International Airport, new High-Speed trains, and highway network. The first train will link the center of Warsaw to the airport in 15 minutes, less than the time now needed to reach Chopin Airport from the city center. The airport will have the capacity to handle 40 million passengers per year and 65 million by 2060.

The preparation of the ground is already underway and the completion of the airport is expected by 2028. The project is supervised by professionals already involved in the construction of the International Airports of Narita in Tokyo, Japan, and Incheon in Seoul. According to the government, the CPK could create 150,000 new jobs.

The airport will consist of 2 parallel runways of 4 km each (for the first time in Poland), and even 3 by 2050 if required. Once opened, the airport will have the capacity to perform 1200 operations per day (around 600 in Chopin International Airport). The major part of the International traffic will connect Warsaw to Asia, mostly India, China, and Central Asia, but also North America.

Visual: Foster + Partners project
Visual: Foster + Partners project
Visual: Foster + Partners project

The train station may have 8-9 platforms and will be the heart of the high-speed train network in Poland. The new high-speed train network is expected to be completed by 2035 with 12 new railway routes (30 investments) (1800 km) connected to the CPK connecting most of Poland’s region in less than 2,5H.


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