Hanna Stadnik, heroine of the Warsaw Uprising passed away on the first day of December.

Hanna Stadnik, one of the Warsaw Uprising heroes passed away yesterday, December 1st at the age of 91 years old.

During the uprising she was a liaison officer and nurse from the “Baszta” regiment with the nickname “Hanka” after the capitulation she was detained in Pruszków and Skierniewice camps. After the war she devoted his life to her family and social activities.

She received recognition by being decorated on several occasions for her service, including the most prestigious distinctions:

Home Army Cross, Warsaw Uprising Cross, Partisan Cross, Silver Cross of Merit, Medal for Warsaw, Veteran Badge, Badge – ŚZŻAK Award, Cross with Swords Of the Order of the Cross of Independence.

Recently she did not hesitate to took part in the Women’s Strike protests and criticized the PiS president and deputy prime minister Jarosław Kaczyński who used the symbol of the Warsaw Uprising as a pin in one of his speeches concerning the events.


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