A Drive-in theater in Warsaw in May, we know the place!

Photo: Jrosenberry1 - Wikipedia
Photo: Jrosenberry1 – Wikipedia

A Drive in theater will open on May 28th in May, in this difficult times this concept really popular in the USA is coming in the Warsaw district of Żoliborz. Since 1,5 months cinemas are closed in Warsaw and it will be an opportunity to enjoy movies inside your car with some popcorn and not feel alone.

Called “Kino Moonlight” the first movie will be programmed on May 28th. For the moment there is no information about the exact location (but we know that it will be in the Warsaw district of Żoliborz), the program and prices. Open from Thursday to Sunday, the sessions will start at 21. On weekends, family shows with popular films for children and young people will be programmed.

Another drive-in will open at the same moment as: “Auto Kino Warszawa“, “Movie Drive Warszawa“or “Kino samochodowe na Bemowie“, “Kino Samochodowe Warszawa by Kino Samochodowe – Trasa 2020“.


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