Restaurants, what will be the impact of the pandemic? Vapiano, Papa Diego, Van Dog…

Vapiano Restaurant Düsseldorf – Wikimedia – Christianreich

After 2 months of lockdown the restaurant sector is endangered and many restaurants and franchise are on bankrupt.

Vapiano was one of the first brand endangered by the COVID-19 lockdown, the German franchise entered insolvency proceedings at the beginning of April. We don’t know for the moment what will happen to the Warsaw franchises.

Papa Diego and Van Dog serving respectively Tex Mex and American fast food is in a difficult situation because the company owning Foodio Concepts called Agora just entered in bankruptcy and is to be sold. The financial situation of the company deteriorated significantly due to the outbreak of a pandemic and didn’t allow any action to save the company. The negotiation started today but the Foodio Concepts and his concepts could cease to exist, Papa Diego and Van Dog could disappear.


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