🔴 Coronavirus new strong rules announced by PM, Mateusz Morawiecki! – Leaving the house only one at a time, hotels and accommodation closed, restrictions on private transports…

Photo: premier.gov.pl – Wikipedia

This noon, the Prime Minister announced the new strong rules concerning the coronavirus fight, “Every day, 200-250 patients need our help. All models showing how the epidemic progresses say that patients’ height doubles every few days”. #STAYATHOME

Here is the list of new rules – Penalties for non-compliance – 5,000 to 30,000. PLN. – until April 15, minimum.

  • The possibility of leaving the house only one at a time – the distance between people is to be at least 2 meters – until now it was possible to meet in two people, excluding the parents with small children and carers of the disabled.
  • Restrictions on access to recreation places – squares, parks or beaches.
  • Ban on city bike rental.
  • Closed service points, hairdressers, cosmetics.
  • 2 m distance – everyone will have to keep a two-meter distance outside, applies even to family members, excluding small children and carers of the disabled.
  • Limited number of people in stores – Maximum of 3 times as many people as the number of cash registers.
  • Hours for seniors – 10/12h will be reserved to seniors (60+) in shops, pharmacies and drugstores.
  • Up to 2 people/post office window.
  • Restrictions on bazaars and marketplaces – up to 3 people at the stand.
  • Obligation to wear gloves before entering the store.
  • Construction stores closed from the weekend.
  • Restrictions on private transports – maximum half of the number of seats.
  • Cancellation of rehabilitation and treatments.
  • Hotels and accommodation closed – except for employees, construction companies, or quarantine facilities.

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