Czarny Kot Hotel destruction… New episode!

Wikipedia - Adrian Grycuk
📷 Wikipedia – Adrian Grycuk

Since 10 years, the Czarny Kot Hotel, located at Rondo Radosław in front of Arkadia is fighting to exist. In December, the demolition started. Indeed, this building is considered by the City Hall as an illegal building, created in part without any permit. The place of the building is the place of a future investment called the “Libero Tower”. Expected to be constructed in the next 3 years… Libero Tower is a 120 m skyscraper developed by Green Property Group with 28000 m2 of new office & 3000m2 of commercial space.

New episode, after 3 months of a long, long destruction, we learn that the destruction is over and the place will be returned to the owners, that want to run a new hotel. But, the value of the ground of the former Czarny Kot Hotel very high, so most likely will be the purchase of the place by the investor of the Libero Tower.


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