Centrum Praskie Koneser – 5 new gastronomic concepts coming soon

Centrum Praskie Koneser will offer 5 new gastronomic concepts in the next few weeks, from restaurants, to bar, to cafés.

Six Seasons – The Spirt of Music will offer a combination of food and music. Craft alcohol will be served at the bar. and live performances, concert broadcasts, and original music festivals will be held on-site.

Setki Powodów will offer food, drinks, and live music in the vicinity of the vodka museum.

Concept Food&Wine will offer selected European food and wine, including a cigar lounge bar.

Freya Cafe & Deli (already opened) offers vegetarian food, sandwiches, and coffee. The aim of the owner is to use seasonal products only and to 0 waste.


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