This is the end – Kino Atlantic, one of the oldest cinemas in Warsaw will close.

Update 05/09/2020: Dozens of Polish film directors signed an open letter to defend the Kino Atlantic, among them Komasa, Szumowska, Zanussi, Żuławski… “We defend Kino Atlantic, because we treat this place like our home.” Gazeta Wyborcza article

On the 90th Anniversary of one of the oldest cinema of Warsaw, Kino Atlantic, located at Chmielna Street, we learned that it will be the last moments of the cinema. The end of Kino Atlantic is near, an office building will be built on the site of the cinema.

Photo: Zbyszko Siemaszko, 1965

It is not the first cinema closing in Warsaw, not sure the construction of this new building will be easy, pretty sure that many people will protest and maybe try to enter the cinema in the list of protected monuments. In the past Kino Femina was closed for the construction of a Biedronka or the famous Apocalypse Now picture of Chris Niedenthal cinema during the Martial Law in December 1981, Kino Moskwa for the construction of the Europlex office building (only remain the two lions sculptures).


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