PZU Tower could be demolished for the construction of a 130 m new skyscraper

Adrian Grycuk – Wikimedia

The skyline of Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, is constantly changing, now plans are underway for the demolition of the iconic PZU tower, located on John Paul II Avenue. The skyscraper, standing at a height of 94 meters, was one of the most modern constructions in Poland in 2000. However, the tower could soon make way for a brand-new 130 meters high skyscraper, which promises to be even more spectacular and modern.

The PZU tower was built by a consortium of architects and contractors led by Tadeusz Spychała, Wojciech Poplawski, and Willibald Furst and was completed in 2000. It was designed to serve as the headquarters of Powszechny Zakład Ubezpieczeń (PZU), one of the largest insurance companies in Poland. The tower was praised for its futuristic design and unique triangular shape, which made it stand out among the other buildings in the area.

However, the tower has now been deemed outdated and is no longer able to meet the needs of modern businesses, and PZU HQ moved to the Generation Park complex, located on the Rondo Daszyńskiego. In response, a new project has been launched to demolish the PZU tower and replace it with a brand-new 130 meters skyscraper.

No information about the beginning of the demolition, the architect’s studio, or the timeline on this day.


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