William, Prince of Wales was on a two days visit in Warsaw

On March 22 and 23, 2023, William, Prince of Wales, made a two-day visit to Warsaw, where he met with refugees and associations helping refugees from the ongoing war in Ukraine. The visit was aimed at showing support and solidarity with those affected by the conflict and raising awareness of the situation in the international community.

During his visit, Prince William met with the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, and Warsaw President Rafał Trzaskowski, he also attended a reunion with refugees at Hala Koszyki.

The visit began on the morning of March 22, when Prince William met the Polish Defence Minister, Mariusz Błaszczak, and spoke to members of the Polish defense force and British troops based in Rzeszów.

Later that day, Prince William reached Warsaw where he visited accompanied by Warsaw President Rafał Trzaskowski an office converted into an accommodation center helping refugees. (Anecdotally, the Prince of Wales played table tennis with young refugees and the President of Warsaw.)

On March 23, Prince William met with President Duda at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw. They discussed the situation in Ukraine and the ongoing conflict, as well as the efforts of Poland and other countries to help refugees fleeing the violence. He expressed his admiration for the work that Poland has done to support refugees and thanked the President for his country’s efforts. He earlier laid a wreath at Warsaw’s soldier tomb, as his grandmother Queen Elizabeth and grandfather Prince Philip did during the 1996 state visit.

He later attended a reunion with refugees at Hala Koszyki, where he had the opportunity to hear their stories and learn about their experiences. He was impressed by their resilience and strength in the face of adversity and praised the work of the associations helping them.

In his remarks at the reunion, Prince William spoke about the importance of supporting refugees and the need for countries to work together to find solutions to the crisis. He highlighted the role that Poland has played in supporting refugees and called on other countries to follow its example.

Gossip – Prince William ended his stay in Warsaw with a dinner at the Butero Bistro. The media created an unnecessary controversy since the restaurant supports LGBTQIA+ rights and displays a rainbow flag sign. Prince William ordered a sandwich in a braided roll with pulled pork and stayed with his team for three hours. The table was originally booked for the birthday party of a girl called Daisy, until the bodyguard informed the owner Pawel Zasim about the through.

The visit of Prince William to Warsaw was an important opportunity to raise awareness of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the impact it is having on refugees. By meeting with refugees and associations helping them, he was able to hear first-hand about their experiences and the challenges they face. His visit also demonstrated the UK’s commitment to supporting refugees and finding solutions to the crisis.

Overall, Prince William’s visit was a reminder that the international community must continue to work together to address the ongoing refugee crisis and provide support to those affected by conflict and displacement.

It was not his first visit to Warsaw, in July 2017, he visited Warsaw with his wife Kate, and their children Princess Charlotte and Prince George. During their visit, they visited the Uprising Museum in Wola, they met with young entrepreneurs at ‘The Heart’ in the Warsaw Spire, and attended a celebration organized by the British ambassador to celebrate the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II.


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