Alcohol is now authorized on Vistula’s banks!

For months, the Warsaw City Hall was fighting against the authorities to keep the alcohol consumption ban on Vistula’s bank. Introduced during the COVID-19 outbreak, the ban was supposed to be temporary and only apply during the pandemic period. Despite all sanitary rules being lifted, the authorities decided to extend the ban last summer.

The Warsaw City Hall rejected the decision of the Provincial Administrative Court restoring the permanent ban on drinking alcohol on the Vistula Boulevards and brought the case to the Supreme Administrative Court that cancelled today the ban.

Next summer, alcohol consumption on Vistula’s banks will be allowed.

Update: The City Hall of Warsaw published a post on Facebook on 26/01/2023 asking everyone to respect the banks of the Vistula, and to clean the area in order to avoid the bad spectacle of the after-party, full of rubbish.


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