New Stadium POLONIA (updates)

Visual: JSK Architecki

Signed in November 2021 by the City hall of Warsaw, the new Polonia Warszawa S.A. Center will include the stadium Polonia with a capacity of 16,000 people, a sports hall (mainly used for basketball purposes), a climbing wall built inside the atrium, a pub called Czarna Koszula, a museum, a fan shop, and ticket offices.  On the top level, there will be a rehabilitation and physiotherapy Center, an underground car park, greeneries, and a city square with a fountain and cafés. The next step will be dedicated to technical dialogues in February, followed by a financial and legal round in April.

400 million PLN (around 92 million €) – 150 million PLN (around 35 million €) for the stadium itself, a capacity of 16,000 spectators.

Stadium Polonia will be designed by JSK, previously responsible for the Legia Stadium and the National Stadium. JSK will include the historically registered building in the Stadium structure.

The complex will be built under a public-private partnership formula.

In order to avoid any interruption of the Football league, the construction will be divided in three stages :

– The first one will be dedicated to the construction of a car park connected to the complex, the rehabilitation Center, the sports hall, and the reconstruction of the fountain.

The second stage will be dedicated to the Stadium itself with the construction of the northern, southern, and eastern’s stands with a roof, and facilities on the Konwiktorska’s street side.

The third stage will include the demolition of the existing western stand and the reconstruction of a brand-new one.

At this stage, construction is scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter of this year.


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