Warsaw needs a large capacity indoor concert arena!

You probably noticed, most International artists perform in indoor arenas outside Warsaw, mainly in Łódź (Atlas Arena – capacity: 13,806), Kraków (Tauron Arena Kraków – capacity: 22,000), Gdańsk (Ergo Arena – capacity: 15,000), Gliwice (Gliwice Arena – capacity: 17,178), or Katowice (Spodek – 11,500).

Why?… They all have an indoor large arena.

In the capital, structures dedicated to large-scale concerts are not sufficient to meet expectations throughout the year. It is almost a unique case for a capital in Europe. Most international concerts and shows require large structures able to accommodate more than 10,000 spectators, and the only facility able to host such shows in the capital is the PGE Stadion Narodowy, which can only be used in optimal conditions during summertime. Unlike indoor concert venues, the main problem with concerts in stadiums is the acoustics, which is extremely challenging to perfectly manage. The only indoor ‘large capacity’ concert hall in Warsaw is Torwar (capacity: 4824). The venue is too small for most international bands, old, and does not meet the standards of most of the existing shows, with a poor acoustic quality, mostly due to the old architecture of the structure.

It is time for the Warsaw City Hall to implement a project.


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