New project – Fabryka Perun 

Located in Praga south, on Grochowska Street, Fabryka Perun (Perun’s Factory) is a former welding equipment factory created in 1913 by the eponymous French Company partially owned by Air Liquide, and not destroyed during both World Wars, operating till the early XXIst Century. More about Perun’s history, on the company’s website.

WWAA Studio, (responsible for the SOHO Factory, designed this promising new project. The residential (270 new flats with in building from 3 to 6 storeys), and commercial (2000m2) revitalization will include, and integrate the four already existing buildings. The new constructions will respect the industrial heritage of the site using the same materials.

Additionally, a kindergarten, a playground, and new and revitalized green areas are planned for the project.

Visuals: Press materials


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