August 5th to 12th, 1944 – The Wola massacre – 40 to 50,000 people were killed.

From August 5th to 12th, 1944, 40,000 to 50,000 civilians and insurgents were killed in the Wola district of Warsaw by the Wehrmacht during the Warsaw Uprising. Other massacres took place at the same time in Ochota on August 4th, perpetrated by Nazi Germans and Russian National Liberation Army (RONA) under the commandment of Bronislav Kaminski. The Center of Warsaw also witnessed the horror, Hala Mirowska was a mass murder place, between August 7 and 8th, 700 people were shot here.

The nazis wanted to stop the uprising by terrorizing the Varsovians, it didn’t work. The order came from Berlin and asked to exterminate the Varsovians. The German forces, under the commandment of the Sicherheitspolizei and the criminals of the Sturmbrigade SS Dirlewanger (among the most dangerous criminals (amnestied prisoners)) started to kill everybody in the streets of Wola, children, women, men, old peoples, sick people in hospitals, doctors or captured insurgents. The sick minds of these criminals were without any limits, they raped, murdered, tortured, and burned alive people.

Ashes of 4,000 Wola massacre victims murdered at the Franaszek factory, buried in a hole in the ground, and commemorated by a provisional cross. Public domain

Places of the largest executions during the Wola Massacre

ul. Wolska 55 (Fabryka „Ursus”)around 6000 peopleAugust 5th
ul. Okopowa 59 (Plac MZO naprzeciw garbarni Pfeiffera)around 5000 peopleAugust/September
Rejon ul. Górczewskiej i Moczydłaaround 4500 peopleAugust 5-8th
ul. Wolska 41/45 (Fabryka Franaszka)around 4000 peopleAugust 5-8th
ul. Górczewska nr 9 (Dom Zakonnic) i 15 (domy Wawelberga)between 2000 and 3000 peopleAugust 5-7th
ul. Wolska 105/109 (domy Hankiewicza)around 2000 peopleAugust 5th
ul. Wolska 79/81 (Fabryka Kirchmajera i Marczewskiego)around 2000 peopleAugust 6th
Park Sowińskiegoaround 1500 peopleAugust 5th
Szpital św. Łazarza (ul. Leszno 127, Karolkowa 15, Wolska 18)around 1250 peopleAugust 5 and 13th
ul. Młynarska 2 (zajezdnia tramwajowa)around 1000 peopleAugust 5th
ul. Wolska 120around 1000 peopleAugust 5th
ul. Wolska 122/124 (tereny kuźni)around 700 peopleAugust 5th
Hale Mirowskie, placyk między halami, pl. Mirowski,around 700 peopleAugust 7-8th
ul. Wolska 29 (Pałacyk Biernackich)around 600 peopleAugust 5-10th
ul. Wolska 60 (Fabryka Makaronu i Sztucznej Kawy „Bramenco”)around 500 peopleAugust 5th
ul. Staszica 15around 500 peopleAugust 5th
ul. Wolska 2/4 (Fundacja Staszica)around 500 peopleAugust 5-7th
ul. Górczewska (naprzeciw Szpitala Wolskiego)several hundreds of peopleAugust 5 or 6th
ul. Wolska 101several hundreds of peopleAugust 5th
ul. Wolska 102/104several hundreds of peopleAugust 5th
ul. Wolska 140 (cmentarz prawosławny)several hundreds of peopleAugust 5th
ul. Wolska 140A (tereny przy kościele św. Wawrzyńca)several hundreds of peopleAugust 5-8th
ul. Wolska 76 (okolice kościoła św. Wojciecha)around 400 peopleAugust 5-17th
ul. Wolska 129around 400 peopleAugust 5 or 6th
ul. Żelazna 89around 350 peopleSeptember 23rd
ul. Wolska 23around 300 peopleAugust 5th
ul. Wolska 78around 300 peopleAugust 5th
pl. Żelaznej Bramybetween 230 and 350 peopleAugust 7-8th
ul. Chłodna 33 (gimnazjum kupieckie Roeslerów)between 200 and 300 peopleAugust/september
ul. Leszno 136 (Szpital Karola i Marii)between 100 and 200 peopleAugust 6th
ul. Magistracka i szosa w kierunku Jelonekaround 180-190 peopleAugust 6th
ul. Leszno 77 (Zakład dla paralityków i nieuleczalnie chorych ss. Felicjanek)around 170 peopleAugust 16th
ul. Wolska (okolice Szpitala św. Stanisława)around 150 peopleAugust 5th
ul. Wolska 26around 150 peopleAugust 5-10th
ul. Okopowa (fabryka, między Żytnią a Lesznem)around 150 peopleMid-August
ul. Bema 54around 100 peopleAugust 9-11th
ul. Płocka 23around 100 peopleAugust 5th
ul. Przechodnia 5around 100 peopleAugust 6th
ul. Młynarska 15/17around 100 peopleAugust 5th
ul. Młynarska – róg ul. Żytniejaround 100 peopleAugust 5th
ul. Wolska 6 (Fabryka Pasów)around 100 peopleAugust 5-10th
ul. Wolska 24 (tzw. plac zabaw „Wenecja”)around 100 peopleAugust 5th
ul. Wolska 47around 100 peopleFirst half August
ul. Wolska 54 (Fabryka Makaronów „Nałęcz”)around 100 peopleAugust 5th
ul. Wolska 91around 100 peopleAugust
ul. Wolska 143around 100 peopleAugust 5th
ul. Żelazna nr 87 i 89between 70 and 190 peopleAugust 2nd
ul. Wolska 147 (dom parafialny parafii prawosławnej św. Jana Klimaka)between 30 and 100 peopleAugust 5th
pl. Grzybowskiseveral dozens of peopleAugust 5 or 8th
ul. Karolkowa 62several dozens of peopleAugust 5 or 6th
ul. Ciepłaaround 60 peopleAugust
ul. Karolkowaaround 50 peopleAugust 5th
ul. Wolska 83around 50 peoplebeginning August
ul. Wolska 86Aaround 50 peopleAugust 4th
ul. Wolska 126around 50 peopleAugust 5th
ul. Wolska 151 (dom i fabryka rowerów A. Kamińskiego)around 50 peopleAugust 5th
ul. Wolska 149 (sierociniec przy parafii prawosławnej św. Jana Klimaka)around 45 peopleAugust 5th
ul. Wolska 65around 40 peopleAugust/September
ul. Krochmalna 9034 peopleAugust 5/6th
ul. Młynarska 1030 peopleAugust 6th
ul. Płocka 2530 peopleAugust 5th
ul. Żytnia30 peoplebeginning August

78th years after the massacre, none one of the nazi’s war criminals responsible for the massacre of Wola district was condemned.

The main perpetrator of the Wola massacre was Oskar Dirlewanger: He is known as one of the most sadistic SS, even despised by his comrades and superiors. The commander of the SS Dirlewanger Brigade died in unclear circumstances in Germany in 1945, some reports that he was beaten to death by Poles after being imprisoned.





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