Rondo Dmowskiego – pedestrians and bicycles will be able to cross the roundabout through crosswalks from Friday

With the aim of making the capital, greener and more pleasant for its inhabitants, the city of Warsaw develops a long series of projects in this sense.

Among the many improved areas, including the traffic reduction in the city center of Warsaw, the installation of hundreds of thousands of trees and plants, the renovation of many streets, roads, and squares, and the reduction of emissions of fine-particle pollutants, it is now the turn of one of the busiest roundabouts in the city to undergo a significant change ‘Rondo Dmowskiego’.

Starting this Friday, 13th, the installation of 4 crosswalks will allow pedestrians and bicycles or scooters users to directly cross the streets and not only through the underground passage which was not practical at all, especially for bicycles, additionally the streets have been renovated and 20,000 plants installed.

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