Warsaw new pedestrian’s bridge (2024), the construction is starting

The construction started yesterday, a drill was put into action yesterday, shaking the Vistula with the impression of dealing with a giant hammer.

A PLN 120 million agreement was signed in November for the construction of a new bridge on the Vistula. Built by Budimex (in charge of the renovation of the Warszawa Zachodnia station).

“At the time walls are being built, we need bridges”

Rafa艂 Trzaskowski – 10.03.21 on Facebook

This new pedestrian 425 meters bridge will be built between Vistula’s left bank at the height of Karowa street and the right bank from the intersection of Wybrze偶e Helskie and Okrzei street. This investment is part of the city’s will to strongly develop pedestrian areas and less space for vehicles, at the time the pollution is a major challenge in the Capital. Created by Schuessler-Plan studio and the works are expected to start this year for a completion expected in 2024.

This bridge will be one of the longest of this type in the world!

This is another project of the #NoweCentrumWarszawy (New City Center of Warsaw), thanks to which the capital will become an accessible and friendly city. In a word: THE PERFECT PLACE TO LIVE.

Rafa艂 Trzaskowski – 11.03.21 on Facebook


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