Bluszcz Live in Warsaw, March 27th!

Bluszcz will be in concert Sunday, March 27th in Warsaw, I highly recommend you to see them!

Tickets: Click Here

Venue: Pogłos – ul. Burakowska 12

On September 25th, 2020 Bluszcz released their third album called Kresz (Crash in English) on Sezele Records.

Kresz is probably the best album of the band. Well produced, each song of the album respects the soul of the band. With 80s synthesizers and the guitar, when you listen to Kresz, you listen Bluszcz! The album is very personal and tells episodes of the member’s life in the 80s Poland.

The last track of the album – “Wyjątkowo Zimny Maj” by Manaam released in 1991. This cover magnified the original. A true tribute to the Polish singer Olga Jackowska “KORA” member of the band Manaam who passed away two years ago.


  1. Guepard
  2. Simon
  3. Lata Dwudzieste
  4. Mars Volta
  5. Sopot ’86
  6. Lamparty
  7. Americano
  8. Nie Przechodź
  9. Kurorty
  10. Wyjątkowo Zimny Maj


Bluszcz is a Polish Alternative “Polish PRL synth-wave” band from Wrocław. Polish PRL synth-wave is a reference to the 80s synthesizer wave style in Poland. Bluszcz mixes guitar and synthesizer.
Created in 2016 by two brothers, Jarek Zagrodny & Romek Zagrodny, one year later they released their first studio album “Junior” fully created and recorded at home.
In 2018, the band was nominated by the Gazeta Wyborcza for the WARTO award (Quality Award) in the ‘Music’ category.
Last year Bluszcz released their second studio album “W Naszych Domach” “In Our House”.

Bluszcz Kresz Credits

Music: Bluszcz

Lyrics: Jarek Zagrodny

Production: Jarek Zagrodny

Cover design: korbusje [jakub jakobiszyn]

Mix: Marcin Mrówka 

Mastering: Bartosz Szczęsny

Mix track#3: Marcin Mrówka & Kuba Kutera

Mastering#10: Michał Kupicz

Music and Lyrics track#10: Marek Jackowski, Olga Jackowska

Bluszcz on social networks:

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