Tom Hanks Fiat 126p offered by a fan from Bielsko-Biała 5 years ago, auctioned $ 83,500 for charity

Visual: Silar – Wikimedia

5 years ago, a fan from Bielsko-Biała, Monika Jaskólska offered a Fiat 126p from 1974 to Tom Hanks. This operation was covered by the Polish and international press.

Before the long trip to Los Angeles the car was exposed in the Warsaw Chopin Airport Hall, on November 31st, 2017 the car arrived at the destination and Tom Hanks came back home with his car!

A few days ago, Tom Hanks decided to sell his car in a charity auction. It worked well, as the sum raised reached $83,500. The whole sum will be donated to the Elizabeth Dole Foundation, an organization supporting US military caregivers.


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