3 years after the beginning of the works, IMPLANT project is canceled…

Warszawa Wyborcza released yesterday an article about the project IMPLANT located at Chmielna 75 on the site of a former Postal Station. 3 years after the beginning of the works, the project has been abandoned due to multiple factors, mainly due to the pandemic. The project is not 100% over and should be built in another plot of the Capital. Also, the same plot in the center of Warsaw, attractive, could interest many investors.

The construction of IMPLANT by “Nowa Epoka Handlu” started in March 2019, the opening was scheduled in 2020. Located at Chmielna 75 on the site of a former Postal Station, this unusual construction of 10,000 m2 usable space (5600m2 for professionals and 4000 m2 of common spaces) was to be made of 270 containers and 5 floors. The complex was divided into 3 zones: gastronomy with restaurants, cafés and bars, service and commercial (with small boutiques of Polish designers) and also office and with a dedicated to workshops, concerts or exhibitions.

The site was to be built to respect the environment with several technics and technologies:

  • Titanium paint – The facade of the panels surrounding the building covered with titanium paint (technology helping to neutralize smog in urban areas).
  • Vertical gardens – Aesthetic but also environment friendly, installed on the roof, the vertical garden also helped to catch the smog.
  • Photovoltaic roof allowed the site to use the sun as an energy
  • Green parking – All tickets were to be changed for a tree seedling and plant in a specially prepared place.
  • Air pumps powered by the photovoltaic roof
  • Reservoir – The complex was to be equipped with reservoirs catching the water of the rain to supply the plants of the site
  • Electric scooters and electric cars available with quick charging stations
  • Aquaponics – fish fertilizing plants and plants purifying water for the fish.

The design of the project was made by Jakub Szczęsny, he created the smallest house in the world, that you can visit in Warsaw, Żelazna 74.

Visual: Press Material by the investor – designed by Jakub Szczęsny



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