Czarny Kot Hotel is now demolished! What’s next?

Wikipedia - Adrian Grycuk
📷 Wikipedia – Adrian Grycuk

For 10 years, the Czarny Kot Hotel, located at Rondo Radosław in front of Arkadia fought to exist. In December 2020, the demolition started. Indeed, considered illegal, the hotel was created in part without any permit. Last week, Czarny Kot Hotel has finally been completely demolished.

The future of the plot is located next to the future investment called the “Libero Tower”. Expected to be built in the next 2 years… Libero Tower will be a 120 m skyscraper developed by Green Property Group with 28,000 m2 of new office & 3000 m2 of commercial space. The plot will be sold by the town hall to support the construction of a school on Burakowska Street. This plot allows the construction of a commercial building more than 25 meters high.

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