Fabryka Norblina’s Food Town, the largest food hall in Warsaw is open!

Located between the Wola district and Rondo ONZ (51/53 Żelazna Street), Fabryka Norblina was initiated in 2008. The construction started in December 2017 and was completed in September after 4 years of work on the site of the former Norblin factory (metal product factory from 1882 until 1982 and museum until 2008).

This evening at 19h, opened the largest food hall in Warsaw (3000 m2), Fabryka Norblina’s Food Town! Many events are expected throughout the weekend, with DJ sets, concerts and culinary workshops. The food hall will offer 26 different gastronomic concepts located in five different halls and 4 bars. The area will be filled with cafés, breakfast restaurants, and a large choice of restaurants including European, Middle Eastern, Asian, tex-mex and American cuisines as well as vege and other concepts. Workshops conducted by chefs will be hosted every weekends.

Food concepts list – Yaffo | Buena Vista Social Food | Umamitu | Pho Kwadrat | Papuvege | Super Slice | Crêpes Store | Smoke Philly Cheese Steak | Bukhara | Les Frites | Dobre Miejsce | FAT DADDY Banh Mi Joint | SANDO RICE EXPRESS | Picknik | MyThai | Dim Sum&Ramen | Curry Leaves | American Food Truck in the house | Casa Buena | Gnocchi | Yaday Goflafle

First impressions – Good ambiance, agreeable, with good music, the place is spacious, the title of the largest Food Hall of Poland is evident on site. All the food concepts are not open, but 90% are already opened. Once you enter, you immediately have the desire to spend your time here, with the aromas, colors, and music… it is not difficult to guess that many people will gather here. One more great venue for convivial meetings in the city. Negative point, the design is not as attractive as the visuals published by the developer before the construction.

The food hall will be opened every day from 8h from Monday to Friday, (on weekends from 9h) to 22 from Monday to Thursday, 23h on Sundays, until 1h on Fridays and 2h on Saturdays.

For a total of 65,000 m2, 40,000m2 will be dedicated to office spaces (floors +3 to +8), hosting Allegro (16 200 m2) and the Global Business Services Center Japan Tobacco International (8,500 m2) and 24 000 m2 for commercial and service premises, a food-hall with 36 restaurants and bars (3200 m2), a Latino Bar with live music (408 m2), 70 shops, a BioBazar, an interactive and digital art gallery called ‘Art Box Experience’ (800 m2), The Apple Museum (370 m2), a cultural zone and a cinema and cinema studio (floors -1, 0, +1 and +2) in the “Norblin Street” and the Museum of the Old Norblin Factory will also be part of the complex.

A 7 rooms theater called KinoGram opened last month, is a luxurious theater with consistent pricing (PLN 55). The cinema is equipped with the finest equipments and latest technologies with 7 rooms for a maximum of 550 persons (the largest room will be able to receive up to 115 people), a luxurious bar full of drinks and food, which could also be directly brought to your seat.

An original Oscar’s statuette (won during the 77th Annual Academy Awards in 2005 by the composer Jan A.P. Kaczmarek for the original soundtrack for the film ‘Finding Neverland‘, announced and given from the hands of John Travolta) will be visible on the room 7.

The cinema organizes its own festival and will be the seat of the ‘Gildia Polskich Reżyserów’ (Polish Director’s Guild). Many premieres, meetings with directors and are organized. But, art will be fully part of KinoGram, in addition to the cinema, opera, theater, music, painting and sculpture also have their place.

The project is carried out with the assistance of the architectural studio PRC Architekci studio, and the investment of Capital Park. The total cost of the project is estimated at PLN 500 million.

Official Website

Visual by PRC Architekci studio


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