A concert in the National Stadium Metro Station this Thursday, a Chopin Tram in the streets of Warsaw this Sunday…

Part of the XVIIIth edition of the Warsaw Chopin Competition (held every 5 years), the “W Warszawie wszystko gra Chopina“Chopin plays in Warsaw” will offer several events until October 23rd.

This Thursday, October 14th, a live concert will be held in the National Station Metro Station.

3 days later, on Sunday, October 17th an unusual event, a tram will run around the Capital offering a live concert of the Chopin’s Music.

This unusual event will run on the following route: Metro Wilanowska – Bukowińska – Królikarnia – Malczewskiego – Park Dreszera – Morskie Oko – Dworkowa – Rakowiecka – Pl. Unii Lubelskiej – Pl. Zbawiciela – Pl. Konstytucji – Hoża – Centrum – Metro Świętokrzyska – Królewska – Pl. Bankowy – Metro Ratusz Arsenał – Muranów – Muranowska – Dw. Gdański – Gen. Zajączka – Pl. Inwalidów – Pl. Wilsona – Metro Marymont and will come back on the same stops.

The same day at 21h, the 127 Anniversary of the Death of Frederick Chopin will be held at the Świętego Krzyża Basilica.

In addition to these two events, candidates will perform live concerts, covered online on YouTube, the competition will be also broadcast at Bar Studio on the Plac Defilad.

Find the full program on the official website: chopin2020.pl

Watch and listen all contestant on YouTube.

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