Since Monday, hundreds of commemorative plaques have been damaged with the word ‘German’ instead of ‘nazis’

Nowy Świat 49

First noticed on Monday, appeared the word ‘Niemcy’ ‘German’ instead of ‘hitlerowcy’ – ‘nazis’ on hundreds of commemorative plaques (designed by Karol Tchorek in 1948), all around Warsaw and particularly on the most touristic part of the Capital including the Nowy Świat, Krakowskie Przedmieście, Świętokrzyska…

An act of ‘vandalism’ carried out by a right wings entity, justifying this action as “the first step in order to restore the truth of the History”.

The Warsaw Monument Conservator announced that they should cover the costs of the damages caused to the plaques with the word ‘German’ glued very strongly with superglue. Some of them have been removed by the residents, the majority of them are still hanging on the plaques.

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