Today – 101st Anniversary of the Battle of Warsaw and Polish Army Day – commemoration program

Photo original: Centralne archiw Wojskowe / Wikimedia – colorized by Beautiful Warszawa


Today is the 101st Anniversary of the Battle of Warsaw, also called the Miracle of the Vistula is a series of battles from August 12 to 25 won by the Polish Army against one of the strongest army in the world, the Lenin’s Red Army.

The Red Army commanded by Mikhail Tukhachevsky arrived nearby Warsaw from Modlin. On August 16th, the Polish army commanded by the future President of Poland, Józef Piłsudski organized a counterattack from the South disorganizing the Red Army. Almost 10 000 Russian died and 30 000 wounded and 66 000 prisoners from the other side 4500 Poles were killed and 22 000 wounded. Following these events, the Polish Army won other battles against the Red Army, securing the Polish Independence. A peace treaty was signed between the Soviet Russia and the Soviet Ukraine, securing the Polish eastern borders until the WWII.

In a report made by the future French president, Charles de Gaule, present on several battlefields. He said that, while the Polish army had no chance of victory over the Russian Empire, the marshal Piłsudski’s aura was the key to victory, galvanizing the Polish troops.


Warsaw: On Sunday, August 15, from 12h, Unknown soldier commemoration, at 12h07, three Iskra, three M-346 BIELIK and three F-16 will fly over Piłsudski Square in Warsaw, where the central celebration of the holiday will take place with members of the land Forces, Air Force, Navy, Special Forces, Support Inspectorate, Territorial Defense Forces, Military Police and the Warsaw Garrison Command. During the ceremony, cannon will be fired. At 19h, a concert will be performed by members of the army.

Warsaw – In front of the PGE Stadion Narodowy: On Sunday, August 15,from 11h – A military picnic will be held at the National Stadium. Several dozen military vehicles will be displayed all around the stadium.

Ossów (North-East Warsaw): On Sunday, August 15, at 12h30, an historical performance of the Miracle on the Vistula will be held in the Ossowskie field. After the reconstruction, an historical picnic will be organized.

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