Finally, Czarny Kot Hotel will be demolished!

Finally, the Czarny Kot Hotel (Black Cat Hotel) will be demolished. After a court decision, the place comes back into the hands of the city of Warsaw. Then, the building will be destroyed and the place cleared.

Since 12 years, the Czarny Kot Hotel, located at Rondo Radosław in front of Arkadia was fighting to exist. In December 2019, the demolition started. Indeed, this building was considered by the City Hall as ‘illegal’, created in part without any permit. In March 2020, after 3 months of a long, long destruction, the place was returned to the owners after a court decision. The place of the building is next to the future skyscraper’s investment, called the “Libero Tower”. Expected to be constructed in the next 3 years. Libero Tower will be a 120 m skyscraper developed by Green Property Group with 28,000 m2 of new office & 3000 m2 of commercial spaces.


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