Pałac Saski – First official video

The Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport introduced a short video showing their vision about the Saski Palace reconstruction. The government signed a bill allowing the reconstruction of the Palace, expected for 2030. The main issue of this project is its excessive cost in the midst of a pandemic and a potential future financial crisis. The estimated cost of the reconstruction is above 2 billion PLN.

Built in 1666 and destroyed in 1944 by the Nazis, the Pałac Saski (Saxon Palace) was the residence of the Morsztyn family and royal dynasties and even Chopin. The remains of the Palace is now the tomb of the unknown soldier.

Starting from the 1990s, the topic returns from time to time and the head of the PIS, Jarosław Kaczyński is a fervent supporter of the reconstruction project. For several years, he has raised the subject repeatedly. If built, it would serve as association facilities and spaces dedicated to the citizens of Warsaw. The project submitted to the Sejm by the government (PIS) caused controversy, particularly for its cost, which may exceed two billion PLN. Such a budget can shock in a context of pandemic and financial instability.

Pałac Saski before 1924 – Wikimedia

Remains of the Pałac Saski – 1945 – Wikimedia

Remain of the Pałac Saski – now the tomb of the unknown soldier


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