In one direction then in another, restrictions are back in Warsaw and its region. Hotels, cinemas, theaters, philharmonics, operas, swimming pools…

From today, Monday, March 15th, Shopping Malls, art galleries, museums, Cinemas, theaters, philharmonics, operas, Hotel… are closed after a major increase of cases in Warsaw and its region.

New restrictions from Monday 15th, March 2021 until Sunday 28th, March 2021 minimum.

  • Hotel closed (except for hotel workers and certain business trips)
  • Limited operation in shopping malls except for: grocery stores, pharmacies and drugstores, press stores, bookstores, pet stores and DIY stores. Hairdressing, optics, banking and laundry services will also be allowed operating in shopping malls.
  • Closed cinemas
  • Closed theater and operas
  • Closed museums
  • Closed swimming pools (except for swimming pools in facilities performing medical activity and for members of the national team), saunas, solarium
  • Closed sport facilities, ski slopes (excepted for professional sports purposes without audience).
  • Closed casinos

In addition, grades 1-3 of primary school are held in a mixed mode – some students are participating in lessons remotely, and some on site.

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