SOHO Warsaw huge investment with dozens of new restaurants, bars, and cafés.

Visual: Press Material

It is an investment for the future, at a moment the gastronomic world is experiencing the biggest crisis in its history. For nearly a year now, restaurants, cafés and bars have been almost closed and many of them were forced to close down.

Despite this, projects are still going on. Thus, in SOHO (Neon Museum district), in Praga Południe (South Praga) next to the scheduled planned Mińska metro station a new project is about to emerge. Realized by Yareal, it will be the investor’s largest investment occupying ​​over 5 hectares.

Composed of dozen of residential buildings (900 apartments), one of the main characteristic will be the availability of commercial spaces, and a dozen dedicated to gastronomy. The central part of the complex will be a 200-meter green park, on both sides of it, among the greenery and the historic post-industrial buildings, you will find cafés, restaurants, bars, as well as shops and other commercial spaces and services.

The opening of the first building, SOHO 16, (130 apartments) is expected for this summer and others will follow, the completion of the whole project is expected in 5 years.


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