COVID-19 bans – NO CURFEW for New Year’s Eve but a limit of 5 guests.

The government published last week several bans and one of them was a New Year’s Eve curfew from 19h on December 31st to 6h. on January 1st, it was to be strictly prohibited to leave home, except for emergencies, to go to the pharmacy and professional basis. But today, the government resigned to implement this curfew. The only ban will be a limit of 5 guests.

-The vaccination will start in Poland on December 28th-

COVID-19 bans from December 28th.

In addition, hotels, ski slopes, shopping malls, discos, nightclubs, swimming pools, aquaparks, gyms, clubs and fitness centers will be closed.

Mandatory quarantine
Persons entering Poland between December 28th, 2020 and January, 17th, 2021 in organized travel transport will be subject to a 10-day quarantine. During this quarantine it will be only possible to leave the house to go to the doctor or to have a Covid-19 test.


  • Duration: 10 days from the day after the day of entry
  • Organized transportation: planes, trains, public transport vehicles
  • The transport contractor must be given the address where the quarantine will be followed and the telephone number. The transport contractor will forward these data to the competent authorities.


  • Travelling only across the territory of Poland to another EU country where you have a residence permit
  • Professional drivers
  • Students in Poland
  • Persons vaccinated against Covid-19 who have a certificate.
  • People who work in neighboring countries

More information on the Official statement

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