COVID-19 – Huge loss in the world of gastronomy in Warsaw. This is the end of the ZONI Restaurant and WuWu Bistro in Koneser.

ZONI was one of the finest restaurants in Warsaw, in terms of design interior as well as in terms of food. However, more and more restaurants are suffering severe financial losses because of the pandemic, and like dozens of other restaurants in Warsaw, ZONI was not able to cope with financial losses. The negotiations initiated between the owners of the ZONI restaurant and Wuwu Bistro in Koneser and the landlord of the surface failed to conclude any agreement to reduce rental fees, resulting in the closure of this exceptional venue.

We can only wish that the pandemic will calm down allowing us to live a normal life, in the Warsaw we love with thousands restaurants, cafés and bars. Losing the walls does not mean that ZONI and other venues will not come back in the future. Hopefully one day, the Warsaw we all love will come back.

In a previous article published on December 2nd, we already reported the closure of several gastronomic places including: Bistro de Paris, Indian Buddha, Shipudei Berek, Dom Polski, Bistecca Bistro, Secado, Restauracja Kanapa, Ed Red, Talerzyki, Zapiekanki PRL, Cafe Marcinek, Biała. Zjedz i Wypij and dozens of others…

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