The Rondo (Roundabout) De Gaulle Palm Tree turns 18 today. But do you know the meaning of this installation?

Alina Zienowicz – Wikimedia

This palm tree included in the project “Greetings from Jerusalem” is not a simple tree, it is an art installation. It was inaugurated on December 12th, 2002, by the Polish Artist Joanna Rajkowska after a trip with Artur Żmijewski to Israel, during the second Intifada in spring 2001. She noticed the void left by the absence of the Jewish community in Warsaw (the biggest Jewish community in Europe before the Holocaust, 350,000 people, around 30% of the Warsaw’s population) and the symbolic meaning of Jerusalem Avenue in these circumstances…

Since 2014, part of the Warsaw Museum of Modern Art, the presence of the palm tree refers to the palms existing in Jerusalem and therefore to the Jewish background in the city. The main aim of this installation is to not reduce the avenue’s name to a simple name but to the Jewish History of the Capital. The second purpose was a social experience in order to find out if the people of Warsaw were willing to accept such a strange element in the structure of the city.

To no forget the Warsaw Jewish History, the president of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, alight, yesterday, for the first time a menorah symbolically installed in front of the PKIN to celebrate the Jewish feast of Hanukkah.


One thought on “The Rondo (Roundabout) De Gaulle Palm Tree turns 18 today. But do you know the meaning of this installation?

  1. Hannukah message is the same as the message of every christian feast. Love,peace, hope. In Christ the message is greatly amplified. Why not to make Hannukah part of Christmas? Jesus was the greatest Jew in all history of the mankind.


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