The economic effects of the pandemic are more and more visible in Warsaw. Restaurants and stores closures are increasing.

The Nowy Świat’s street – June 1st, 2018.

The first COVID-19 outbreak has been very difficult for all businesses but this second wave is a true groundswell. More and more destructive, these last few weeks some of the best restaurants, bars and cafés in Warsaw announced the closure of their premises: Bistro de Paris, Indian Buddha, Shipudei Berek, Dom Polski, Bistecca Bistro, Secado, Restauracja Kanapa, Ed Red, Talerzyki, Zapiekanki PRL, Cafe Marcinek, Biała. Zjedz i Wypij and dozens of others…

One of the most impacted part of the city is the Nowy Świat’s street, one of the most expensive and attractive part of the capital. The pandemic has severely impacted this emblematic street of the Warsaw life with several restaurants, bars and stores closures.

This week the famous Koko Roy restaurant announced the closure of his premises but announced that it was not the end, proof that better days will come.

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