SKYSAWA [155m] – 2023 – New visual: the connection between Rondo ONZ metro station and the SKYSAWA skyscraper complex.

Polski Holding Nieruchomości “PHN” unveiled the visual of the connection between the metro and the SKYSAWA’s complex. The first skyscraper in Warsaw to benefit from such access is Warsaw HUB, located at Rondo Daszyńskiego, Central Point will also have the same connection at Metro Świętokrzyska.

At the end of 2023 should open SKYSAWA [155m]. Previously PHN C-Tower, is an office and hotel skyscraper located next to Rondo ONZ. This skyscraper will be directly connected to the Metro II by an underground connection. By Polski Holding Nieruchomości and designed by PBPA Projekt studio SKYSAWA will have a surface of 65,000 m 2. 36530 m2 will be dedicated to office space.  In addition to the 155m skyscraper, there will be two smaller parts 8 and 15 floors.

  • December 2023 - SKYSAWA [155m] SKYSAWA previously PHN C-Tower is an office and hotel skyscraper located next to Rondo ONZ. By Polski Holding Nieruchomości

Visual: Press material by the investor

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