OTD – 80 years ago was established the creation of the Warsaw Ghetto.

On October 12th, 1940 after Lublin and Łódź, was decided the creation of the Warsaw Ghetto, and fills with cynicism, the day of the Jewish celebration of Yom Kippur. The Germans announced to the Jews of the city that they will have until the end of the month to “move” into the new Jewish district where nobody really knows the boundaries yet.

140 000 Jewish of the city (the Jewish community representing 40% of the Warsaw population at this time) were deported to an area representing 8% of the city.

The Ghetto was quickly surrounded by a 3m tall wall covered with broken glass and barbed wire. The Nazis did not control the interior of the Ghetto, this task was assigned to Jews called the “Judenrat” the main task was to organize the work.

The living conditions inside the Ghetto were disastrous, with a lack of food and medicines, the unhealthy and overcrowded environment, starvation, and diseases, among which typhoid, caused the death of thousands of people.

From 1941, not only Jews from Warsaw were deported to the Ghetto but also from the whole occupied Poland and Germany, worsening living conditions, the ghetto was in an unacceptable situation.

On July 22, 1942, started the ultimate horror with daily deportation (with a minimum of 5000 people per day), mainly to Treblinka. 300 000 Jews were deported and gazed. On September 10th, of the same year, only 30 000 will remain in the rest of the Ghetto (+ 40 000 hidden in undergrounds caches and shelters). On April, 19th, 1943, the Nazis decided to destroy the Ghetto, then started 3 weeks of resistance “Warsaw Ghetto Uprising” which ended in desolation with the complete destruction, home by home of the Ghetto and a mass murder under the order of Hitler.

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