The first IKEA in Poland opened in Warsaw 30 years ago!

On September 19th, 1990, opened the first IKEA in Ursynów, it was the first of a long series of openings in Poland. Ingvar Kamprad assisted to the opening ceremony of this first store. With 1000 m2, it was one of the smallest IKEA in the world. A huge queue formed before the opening, IKEA was already know on design and fashion magazines in Poland and was a true revolution in the countries just free from USSR domination.

First IKEA Ursynów’s catalog

A revolution because, before IKEA, buying home furnishings in a self-service system did not exist.

September 19, 1990 Warsaw Ikea Photo. 
Tomasz Wierzejski / Agencja Gazeta / IKEA press materials

After 3 years of operation, in June 1992, the store was closed and moved to Aleje Jerozolimski for a bigger store.  

30 years later, 3 IKEA are opened in Warsaw IKEA Janki, IKEA Targówek, IKEA Blue City (new medium size store concept opened in 2019).

Fun fact: The story of IKEA with Poland started in 1961 when IKEA commissioned the production of bent beech chairs “ÖGLA”.

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