Warsaw Uprising 76th Anniversary – October 2nd, 1944, the end…

Ewa Faryaszewska – 1944

After 63 days, on October 2nd, 1944 the Warsaw Uprising last fighters of the AK (Underground Army) surrendered. The consequences were horrible, the Nazis started to burn, dynamite every building in the city with the direct order to “Reduce Warsaw into ashes”.

This destruction was planned a long time before the Warsaw Uprising in the Pabst Plan. The plan was to destroy Warsaw to build a perfect nazi’s city called “Neue deutsche Stadt Warschau” – The new German City of Warsaw -. According to this plan, Warsaw was to be turned into a provincial German city of 130,000 inhabitants.

Pabst Plan of Warsaw

Full documentary

At the beginning of the WWII 1 300 000 people lived in Warsaw, in the first day of the Warsaw Uprising, on August 1st, 1944, 900 000 people lived in Warsaw and after 63 days of fighting the ruined city counted less than 1000 people

The human cost is colossal with 150 000 to 200 000 civilians killed in 63 days.

More than 15 000 insurgents and between 2000 and 20 000 nazis were killed.

700 000 people were expelled from the city.

Between 80 to 90% of the city was destroyed (100% in the former Ghetto)

Roadway and railway bridges100%
Theatres and cinemas95%
Healthcare buildings90%
Historical monument buildings90%
Tram infrastructure85%
Tram rolling stock75%
Trees in parks and gardens60%
Gas pipes46%
Water supply30%
Roadways surface30%
Source: Warszawa : o zniszczeniu i odbudowie miasta – Adolf Ciborowski

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