The first skyscraper’s project at Port Praski!

Designed by Maciej Kuryłowicz studio’s Architekci, this new skyscraper would be the tallest building on the right bank of Warsaw.

Located next to the Świętokrzyska Bridge, this stunning 100 m skyscraper will definitely change the landscape of Praga and would be the first skyscraper of the Port Praski project. A 6 stars hotel is scheduled to open in this building with a viewing platform at the top.

No official date for the project but the investor is working on it.

Visuals by Uniquevisionstud


PORT PRASKI [3X160m] - (Project in development)

The biggest project in Warsaw is called Port Praski. It is a multifunctional new generation city located in the Praga Północ (North Praga) district composed of dozens of new apartments, media, and cultural spaces with a concert hall, media park, a marina, and [3X160m] skyscrapers. Divided into four districts: Residential Stara Praga, luxury docks with a marina, the business and commercial City, and the Media Park. Total office surface: 190000 m2 Total residential surface: 160000 m2 Total commercial surface: 90000 m2.

Visual: Press material (Investor)


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