1 year after the Marriott Hotel, the Polish “Spiderman” climbs the Paris skyscraper’s “Tour Montparnasse”.

It was yesterday, the event was reported by the French press as: “A Pole climbs the Montparnasse Tower” or “The Polish Spiderman”.

Around 19h, a crowed gathered around the Montparnasse Tower located in the Center of Paris in front of the Montparnasse train station. A man in white t-shirt was bare-hand climbing the 210 m skyscraper’s slowly but surly. Some people thought something serious was happening because of the firefighters and police cars and other thought it was a suicide attempt.

Halfway through a securer came next to him to assist him to the top of the building where he was finally arrested. He received a standing-ovation by the crowd at the bottom of the skyscraper.

Marcin Banot – bnt_fhuj_hd before climbing the Montparnasse Tower – Instagram

The climber, Marcin Banot is known in Poland for his achievement last year when he climbed the Marriott Hotel, he is a worthy successor of the French Spiderman, Alain Robert known as the best urban climber in the world with more than 80 skyscrapers, among them the world’s tallest buildings Burj khalifa (828m), Taipei 101 (508m) or the Petronas Tower (452 m) but also the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw in 2000.

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