The futuristic new district of Wilanów

The Wilanów district center could literally change in the next years, a public consultation will start in the next weeks. This new plan called Wilanów Park by BEG Ingenierie Polska and MTDI Group could be built in at the intersection of Przyczółkowa, Chłna, al. Rzeczpospolita and Karuzela shopping and service center. It would consist in a 2ha Park and Winter Garden.

Another plan called Zieleni Tarasy Wilanów “Green Terraces Wilanów” and designed by “Atelier Thomas Pucher studio” already responsible for the future “Sinfonia Varsovia Centrum” will redesign and revitalize this south-East district of Warsaw with a futuristic green architecture with hundreds ways to use noble materials like the wood. Among the new constructions 2 new parks, 3 new public places, restaurants, cafés, bars, cinema, skatepark, roof gardens, artificial lake… The project will have 4 buildings connected by arcades, this complex will mix commercial and service spaces, offices but also spaces for culture and entertainment.

More in the next weeks…

Visuals : Atelier Thomas Pucher studio


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