Bazar Miejski – An unusual second-hand shop will open in Galeria Młociny this Friday. Everyone will be able to buy and sell

The opening of Bazar Miejski will be held this Friday, September 4th at the level -1 of Galeria Młociny. It will be the first second hand store located in a shopping mall in Warsaw.

You will have the possibility to buy: clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, books, toys and much other stuff but also sell!

To sell something, you will have to registered on website, the next step will be to bring the goods to the store. Sales will be made by the store, only a commission of 20% will be charged on the sold items.

Already 2 stores are opened in Warsaw, the first one was opened three years ago at Oleandrów Street and at the end of May, a second store in the vicinity of the iconic “Mercury” in Żoliborz. 

This kind of store is a great initiative, a good thing for the planet and should be developed more and more. Everybody is already experiencing it with platforms as Ebay, OLX or refurbished phones.


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