Air traffic ban – Poland will not extend the list of countries banned to land in Poland in order to let people come back from holidays.

Photo: JT Occhialini- Wikimedia

According to the draft introduced last Friday, 63 countries were to be forbidden to land in Poland due to the COVID-19 pandemic from August 26th, until September 8th minimum. But the government stays on the 44 – 1 (Andora was removed of the list) countries banned to land in Poland in order to let people come back from holidays. People coming back from Spain will have one more week to come back. According to the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Marcin Horała, the people coming back from countries exceeding 60 cases for 100 000 residents should respect a 14 days quarantine.

The following countries would disappear from the list of banned countries: China, Russia, Gabon, Singapore, Serbia and São Tomé and Príncipe.

The list of banned countries and territories is to include: Aruba, Belize, Venezuela, Gibraltar, Monaco, Belgium, Spain, Libya, French Polynesia, Albania, Philippines, Gambia, India, Lebanon, Malta, Namibia, Paraguay, San Marino, Romania, Sint Maarten, Guam, Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and Faroe Islands.

The flight ban will not apply if it applies to aircraft operating on behalf of or with the consent of the Prime Minister. The ban will also not apply to military flights.

The draft could be introduced on September 1st, more information soon…

DRAFT – BANNED COUNTRIES FULL LIST (Expect to be introduced on September 1st):

  1. Aruba;
  2. Belize;
  3. Venezuela;
  4. Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  5. Montenegro;
  6. Brazil;
  7. Gibraltar;
  8. Andorra;
  9. Monaco;
  10. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;
  11. Bahrain;
  12. Belgium;
  13. The Kingdom of Eswatini;
  14. Spain;
  15. Mexico;
  16. Israel;
  17. Qatar;
  18. Kuwait;
  19. Libya;
  20. French Polynesia;
  21. Albania;
  22. Argentina;
  23. Armenia;
  24. Chile;
  25. The Dominican Republic;
  26. Ecuador;
  27. Philippines;
  28. Gambia;
  29. Guatemala;
  30. Honduras;
  31. India;
  32. Iraq;
  33. Kazakhstan;
  34. The Kyrgyz Republic;
  35. Colombia;
  36. Kosovo;
  37. Costa Rica;
  38. Lebanon;
  39. North Macedonia;
  40. Maldives;
  41. Malta;
  42. Moldova;
  43. Namibia;
  44. Panama;
  45. Paraguay;
  46. Peru;
  47. South Africa;
  48. El Salvador;
  49. San Marino;
  50. Suriname;
  51. Cape Verde;
  52. Romania;
  53. Sint Maarten;
  54. United States of America;
  55. The Sultanate of Oman;
  56. The territory of Guam;
  57. Turks and Caicos Islands;
  58. Luxembourg;
  59. Bolivia;
  60. The Bahamas;
  61. Puerto Rico;
  62. US Virgin Islands;
  63. Faroe Islands.

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