Towarowa 22, the supermassive investment next to Rondo Daszyńskiego expected in the next 6 years.

Towarowa 22 (2024-2026)

Towarowa 22 (by Echo Investment and created by the famous danish architect Bjarke Ingels) will be a complex of buildings implemented by a 2 hectares green public park for a total of 230 000 m2. The main part of the complex will be dedicated to trade and services. Offices will represent 25%, apartments 15% and hotels 10%.

Pre-war streets will be recreated, Ul. Wronia and Ul. Sienna and the pedestrian communications will be optimized with the creation of a circulation loop and a connection with the Wola Museum. The objective of Towarowa is to bring back life in the financial district.

Towarowa 22 will be built on the site of the Jupiter shopping center built after the war. But before WWII, Towarowa 22 was a square “Kazimierz Wielki Square” and the former site of a market hall. Built in 1910 between Pańska, Wronia, Srebrna and Miedziana Streets in the place of parceled gardens.

Andrzej Jeżewski, Warszawa na starej fotografii, Wydawnictwo Artystyczno-Graficzne, Warszawa 1960, p. 30 – Wikimedia

The estimated cost of the investment is between 800 million – 1 billion PLN. The project will be implemented in a joint venture formula established by Echo Investment and EPP. A part of the constructions will start in the next months with the smallest building to not waste time before the main project (still awaiting certification by the City Hall) is to start within two years and could take three to five years.

Visual: Press material by the investor


One thought on “Towarowa 22, the supermassive investment next to Rondo Daszyńskiego expected in the next 6 years.

  1. Hello,

    Varsovie, la ville la plus passionnante d’Europe…
    Sait-on quand va commencer le chantier de Towarowa 22 ?
    et, la place 5 Rogow ?
    et, quand va se terminer (où en est) la rénovation de Bohema, dont je n’ai aucune information ?

    Merci et bonnes fêtes de fin d’année !

    J.-C. Kaufmann, Neuchâtel, Suisse


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