Skyscrapers – Ghelamco (Spire Tower, Warsaw HUB) is planning 2 new + 100 m buildings in Warsaw!

© investor materials – first visual created by the Amsterdam studio Moss, in cooperation with the architects from Unstudio.

After Spire Tower or the just completed Warsaw HUB, Ghelamco is now planning to build two new skyscrapers in Warsaw, one next to the Warsaw Trade Center in Wola and the second one in Ochota, project name “Sobieski Tower”.

The first one is a 150-meter skyscraper called Bellona Tower will be built next to Warsaw Spire in Warsaw’s Wola district (73 Grzybowska and Pl. Europejski 3). Bellona Tower will be a 43 floors skyscraper with a green rooftop terrace, for a total of 49 000 m2 usable and 40 000 m2 office space. Another project is planned in Wola, “Wola Projekt” is a 40 000 m2, no more information for the moment…

The second project is a 45 000 m2 tower “Sobieski Tower” and located in Ochota next to the Ochota train station. This new skyscraper will mix office, commercial and service spaces.

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