100th Anniversary of the Battle of Warsaw – No Military Parade and National March but many events and ceremonies scheduled!

Photo original: Centralne archiw Wojskowe / Wikimedia – colorized by Beautiful Warszawa

On August 15th will be held the ceremonies of the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Warsaw. The program of the celebration radically changed, the military parade was cancelled and the National March has been forbidden by the city hall of Warsaw.

Despite the cancellation several events and ceremonies will be held:

A ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and another at a monument to fallen Soviet soldiers in the village of Ossow, near Warsaw will be held.

A reconstruction will take place in the National Stadium with 5 dates, on August 15th, 20, 21, 22 and 23rd. Called 1920. Wdzięczni Bohaterom, the video and light show will tell the story of “The Miracle Of The Vistula” and will gather in a 7000 m2 stage full of special effects and giant screens a dozen of artist on the stage, hundreds of reenactors, horses and historical vehicles. Read the article here.

From Friday 14th to Sunday 16th of August, balloons will fly over Warsaw. It is an event because the sky of Warsaw is normally forbidden to balloons.

Friday, August 14th – At 18:00 – The first balloon will take off from the Garden of the Royal Castle, then, 30 minutes later several balloons will take of from various parts of Warsaw.

Saturday, August 15th – At 6h, balloons will take of all over Warsaw and from 18h, balloons will take of from the PGE National Stadium and the Royal Castle Garden and several places of the capital.

Sunday, August 16th- At 6h, balloons will fly all over Warsaw


The Battle of Warsaw also called the Miracle of the Vistula is a series of battles from August 12 to 25 won by the Polish Army against one of the strongest army in the world, the Lenin’s Red Army.

The Red Army commanded by Mikhail Tukhachevsky arrived nearby Warsaw from Modlin. On August 16th, the Polish army commanded by the future President of Poland, Józef Piłsudski organized a counterattack from the South disorganizing the Red Army. Almost 10 000 Russian died and 30 000 wounded and 66 000 prisoners from the other side 4500 Poles were killed and 22 000 wounded. Following these events the Polish Army won other battles against the Red Army securing the Polish Independence. A peace treaty was signed between the Soviet Russia and the Soviet Ukraine securing the Polish eastern borders until the WWII.

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