Tom Cruise in Poland for the next Mission Impossible movie?

Gage Skidmore – Wikimedia

One of the new Mission Impossible movie scenes could be shot in Poland in Lower Silesia. At the end of 2019, a film crew inspected the Pilchowice Bridge to shoot a stunt scene involving Tom Cruise. For the moment we don’t know the details of the scene but some details are showing that the bridge could be blown up. The procedure for entering the over 100-year-old crossing into the register of monuments is currently underway not allowing any destruction on the bridge. Robert Golba assured that several scenarios are underway and said that the bridge will be revitalized after the shooting after discussions with the ministry of culture.

Mark Voigt – Wikimedia


One thought on “Tom Cruise in Poland for the next Mission Impossible movie?

  1. Revitalizing a 100+ year old bridge is no more feasible than revitalizing
    a Model T motor that has been rusting in a junk yard for as many years.
    Reconstruction of a bridge that is exactly similar to the original structure
    would allow the bridge to be used again with utmost safety in mind and would still manifest the grand design of the old bridge from the last century.


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